Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whatever Wednesday: Top 10 Android Apps

A friend recently got a Droid X and asked me what my favorite 3 apps were... how about 10 instead?


  1. Aaron...a couple of others you might like - SHUSH - this app allows you to manually turn the volume down on your phone for meetings and it pops us and asks how long you want the phone to be quiet. I am always forgetting to turn my ringer back up!

    Instant Heartrate - an app that allows you to put your finger over the camera lens and tells you your heart rate....great for working out

    Kindle - free reader and thousands of books free. No need to buy a reader if you can get used to the small page size.

    WWScancalc - is a barcode reader you can use to calcualte "points per serving" if you ware following the weight watchers plan.

    Guestures is another cool app that lets you search your phone book by using your finger to "write" the first letter of the name you are looking for...faster for me than my fat finger typing!

  2. I love Instant Heartrate, great for when I'm running, the technology of it is pretty impressive too!

    Thanks for the other options!