Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week Sauce: The All Things AMC Shows Edition

Week Sauce
(links and thinks from the past 7 days)

Welcome to the first edition of "Week Sauce".  This will basically just be a place for me to link to and quickly spout off about things that happened in the past week.  Not a lot of exposition, just me throwing things out in case you're interested.  In fact, I originally thought about naming this segment "Tighty Whities"  (you know, because they are brief) but my better judgement prevailed.

So unless there is some internet groundswell for naming things using underwear puns, here's your "Week Sauce".

Thursday, 7/28 

- Nintendo announced a gigantic price cut to their 3DS admitting they overestimated product demand.  I'm still curious, and now my sons' plans of saving up money to get one just got more realistic.

- A cool speaker concept where the volume knob is the speaker.

- Netflix snags Madmen for streaming.

Friday, July 29th

- This American Life does some amazing work.  Their podcast on how the patent industry works in the technology age is incredible.  A must listen.

- Look, a real life Wall-E!

- Frank Darabont leaves "The Walking Dead"

Saturday, July 30th

- Is JJ Abrams for sure directing Star Trek 2?

- Did I miss something?  Is there some sort of clamoring for Twins 2?

- I personally liked the new Superman better than most.  Here's the $10 million scene they cut from the beginning.

Sunday, July 31st

- Does anyone else get sick to their stomach that the 90's is officially nostalgia now? Nick at Night is starting a 90's block.

- Google Music Beta gave users two invites each (I have one left if you want it.)

- Expendables 2 is rumored to be adding Chuck Norris, Claude Van Damme, and John Travolta to the "How many old action guys does it take to make a mediocre movie?" undertaking.

Monday August 1st

- Science has determined the saddest movie scene of all time.

- The Epic Poker League (nice idea, HORRIBLE name) gets a TV contract with CBS.  Would somebody please just organize an actual legitimate professional poker league that patterns itself after professional golf?  Less gimmick, more actual poker please.

Tuesday, August 2nd

- Words with Friends is coming to Facebook.

- Google starts a war of words with Microsoft and Apple over patent trolling (another reason to listen to the This American Life podcast on the topic).  Since then Microsoft fired back a pretty convincing argument that Google was actually offered a chance to work with them on it and turned it down.  The big boys are going to war!

- I never watched Friday Night Lights (maybe it will be my next TV to do a pop-binge) but I've heard great things.  Apparently a new FNL movie is on the way, which would be a movie based on a TV Show that was based on a movie.  Quick, name another time that's happened.

Wednesday, August 3rd

- Saturday Night Live announced Alec Baldwin will host the premier, putting him in the lead over Steve Martin for number of times hosting.

- Leo Dicaprio is the highest paid actor of 2010, here's the whole list.

- Chris August blew my mind with this acappella Gavin DeGraw cover.

- Breaking Bad may leave AMC after they ask the producers to cut the number of episodes for the final season.

YouTube of the week:

I've been pretty disappointed with America's Got Talent this season (Fighting Gravity's guest spot last week was the best thing on the show all season) but somebody turned me on to this duo from Britain's Got Talent called Twist and Pulse, they may not be the most technically skilled dancers ever, but they could be the most entertaining.  This video was their audition, but there are several more lurking on YouTube.

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