Tuesday, September 6, 2011

21 Hours of TV 2011 Fall Preview (Tuesday)

Every time I think I'm done with you Glee, you pull me back in.  Just when I decided I could give up those amazing music pieces because the drama between them was just too much to deal with, you have to go and put out "The Glee Project".  Now I feel like I have to tune in to see how Lyndsay, Samuel, and most of all my boy Damien, do on the show.  I just can't quit you Glee.... ok, this is just getting awkward, can we move on?

Tuesday also all of the sudden might have some comedy to check out.  Zooey's "New Girl" and Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" will both vie to tickle my funny bone.  I'll also invest in "The Biggest Loser" again.  Even if the shows are twice as long as they need to be, the season ending payoff is one of the best on TV.

FYI, CBS's NCISes are DOA IMHO (at least those are my initial thoughts).  And I'm still having trouble buying into the fact that we live in a world where 90210 needed to be a TV show once, let alone twice.

The only other show that I'm a tad curious about is NBC's Parenthood.  I've heard good things about it but just can see investing the time to get into it.  Maybe if we get to the end of the week and I have an hour to spare I'll throw it in.

MUST:  New Girl

The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Last Man Standing
CW - 90210
Fox - Glee
NBC - The Biggest Loser


ABC - Man Up


ABC - Dancing with the Stars
CBS - NCIS: Los Angeles
CW - Ringer
Fox - New Girl


Fox - Raising Hope


ABC - Body of Proof
CBS - Unforgettable
NBC - Parenthood

Tuesday's Total: One 1 hour dramas, Two half hour Comedies, One 2 hour Reality, 4 hours

Overall Total: 4 hours drama, 1 hours Comedy, 4 hours Reality, 9 hours

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