Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Movie Review: Courageous

I thought Facing the Giants was almost unbearable and I couldn't buy into Fireproof. Will Alex Kendrick and the gang change my views with Courageous?


For more context here is my original review of the movie "Fireproof" over two years ago.


  1. I haven't seen Courageous yet, but I have to tell you that I applauded Fireproof. It's really what every family should be about.
    Work & everything else

    Just my 2 cents...

  2. I appreciate your 2 cents! :)

    I agree that Fireproof is about great things, the message about fighting for marriage was wonderful. But movies aren't only about message. The quality of a film is just as important in the movie's impact and it just wasn't a very well made movie. The acting especially in Fireproof took me completely out of the story because I couldn't believe it. It just didn't feel real to me.

    Here is my review of Fireproof:

  3. If you were to watch flywheel you would really appreciate how far they have come!

  4. I bet. I've considered checking it out but thought maybe I should just let it go. Maybe someday.

  5. Flywheel as with all of them it had a good message too but was very hard to watch. I loved fireproof I could relate to it somewhat, but it to was hard to watch but got easier as my son also loved it for the firetrucks so we had to watch it a lot :) I liked courageous it was funny! I just didn't relate with it like I did fireproof not to say I didn't tear up a few times though. I just think this one will tug at a man/fathers heart more

  6. I believe that those that want to be real stand up "fathers" and stand for honor what is right will find themselves being "hooked into" this movie also.

    Though it does of course have a very strong Christian theme I do not think the message of honor and righteousness is lost on all except Christians as you seem to. Many people that are not of the Christian faith believe in doing what is "right" and "honorable" especially as role models for children and though some may gag on the Christian theme others will still enjoy it and MAY even become curious enough to check out Christianity in a little more depth.

  7. Thanks for giving an real honest review of the movie, rather than just going on and on about how great the message is (as so many have done). you may be the first person I've seen do that.

  8. Aaron, I agree with you on most every point. but you can't really judge these movie against other Hollywood hits. Let's take a Hollywood movie with a similar budget. $500,000 fireproof and $2mil Courageous. I think these movies far exceed movies with Similar budgets. I'm sure if they paid for the special effects and a "real" director/producer with real actors (as opposed to Kirk/Alex)they would do really good. They are what they are. My hope is that hollywood would see that there is money in this church crowd (like Mel Gibson) and make us a really good Christian Movie. Good to hear from you. hope the family is doing well.

    Martin Hodge

    1. Thanks Martin. For 500,000 today you can make a great movie, for $2 million you should be able to knock it out of the park. Some examples: "Once" - $150000, "Open Water" - $500000, "Napoleon Dynamite" - $400000, "American Graffiti" - $777,000, "Blair Witch" - $35,000.

      I mean "Rocky" was made for $1 million and that's not even adjusting for inflation.

      I don't think money is the issue, I think growth is. I appreciate what they are trying to do, and I think they are getting better, but I still think Christians should focus less on making "Christian" movies, and more on making great movies.