Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrath of the Titans (Movie Review)

Back a few years ago I liked it when these Titans clashed, I wonder if I will like them now that they are angry.



There are some movies, I guess you call them guilty pleasure, that you like even though people think they’re awful movies.  Clash of the TItans, the first titans movie was one of those movies for me. I really kind of enjoyed it I found it fun and engaging and just kind of a fun special effects romp. So I went to Wrath of the Titans thinking it would probably be more of the same, which was only partially true.  We’ll get to more of that in just a second.  

But first, Wrath of the Titans is a follow up to Clash of the Titans in that it follows Prometheus who is half god half man. And it’s apparently his responsibility to save the entirety of mankind.  So the movie is about the end of the gods and the beginning of man and how he goes about doing that.  

I say it’s half true that Wrath of the Titans is like Clash of the Titans because half of the movie does involve big spectacles and special effects. And in those visual moments, those moments of those battles or those big god fights and those big monsters coming..those moments are visually spectacular, just a visual feast, and I think done very very well.  The problem is that in this one they are way too few and far between.  The distances to get from one of them to the next one is filled with this boring and dry exposition about what the politics of the gods are. And why who is angry at who and why their fighting this guy and why this guy is upset with him.  The machinations of this world are at times are more boring and tedious than Star WArs prequels, they are that bad.

So going from one big special effects scene to another is like traversing this barren wasteland of nothingness. I thought maybe I can get some power naps. Maybe if I had just been tired enough I could have slept between the big actions scenes maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more.  Because during those moments, it actually pops off the screen pretty well and that’s not just a 3D pun.  It really is one of those movies that jumps out at you just by how spectacular it is but again those moments are way too few and far between and make the overall experience really kind of a dreadful one.

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