Friday, May 11, 2012

The 2012 Ketchup List (VOTE NOW!)

Here are the 10 shows I've completely missed.  Read further thoughts on them below and then vote on which of the 10 you think I should catch up on this summer.  I'll try and binge on the top two vote getters the next few months and then regurgitate my thoughts in August!

In alphabetic order:

Curb your Enthusiasm (8 seasons, 80 episodes) (2000 - ?)

I keep hearing how Larry David is a genius and one of the key reasons behind why Seinfeld was such a huge success. I've also heard that some of the comedic payoffs in this show are transcendent. The problem is (begin ruining of comic credibility) Seinfeld was never my favorite. I didn't hate it, I just didn't see it the way everybody (and I mean everybody) else did.

Dexter (6 seasons, 72 episodes) (2006 - ?)

So let me get this straight, our "hero" is a serial killer who kills other serial killers? My friends who love this show continue to tell me it's worth the gore because the human stories it tells are deep and engaging. Not beyond the realm of possibility I suppose, but I'm doubtful. What do you think?

Downton Abbey (2 seasons, 15 episodes) (2010 - ?)

The newbie on the list. I scant 15 episodes means I could probably eat this one up in a day or two. I'm just not sure I can get into the Jane Austiness of it all.

Friday Night Lights (5 seasons, 76 episodes) (2006 - 2010)

One of two shows on the list that are finished. I missed this one simply because it never picked up enough steam to interest me. I've heard it's a story filled with authentic and beautiful characters, and some great core values as well.

Game of Thrones (2 seasons, 20 episodes) (2011 - ?)

Another recent offering from HBO, all I know about this show is that it's based on a book series and that anything can happen, with a significant emphasis on the word anything. My friends who love this one talk about how it's changing the face of storytelling.

Happy Endings (2 seasons, 34 episodes) (2011 - ?)

This one just completely slid under my radar, but I've heard from 3 different sources that it may just be the funniest thing on TV. I highly doubt that considering how consistently New Girl is hitting it out of the park, but if you like I'll give it a shot.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (7 seasons, 84 episodes) (2005 - ?)

This one just seemed a little abstract for me, but I've had friends tell me that the surreal humor is some of the most satisfying they've seen.

Justified (3 seasons, 39 episodes) (2010 - ?)

I know the least about this show as any of them. It's fairly new and apparently dramatically intense and engaging. I just figured it was another crime procedural and I honestly could do without every watching one of those again in my life. Yet some of my friends compare it to Breaking Bad. Really?

Mad Men (5 seasons, 65 episodes) (2007 - ?)

Easily the most critically acclaimed of the shows on my list this year. Critics have squawking about how good it is for years now. I do like John Hamm, but I just never could bring myself to invest in the show. This might be my summer of Mad Men, but it's up to you.

Sopranos ( 6 seasons, 86 episodes) (1999-2007)

This shows been off TV for 5 years now. I think that's the statute of limitation on The Ketchup List. If it's not elected this year, it will get retired and remain a missing piece of my TV repertoire. I've never been much of a mob show kind of guy, but I know it's often looked at as one of the greatest TV triumphs ever. We shall see, or not, last chance Tony.