Saturday, July 21, 2012

Momentures in Newsland (Thoughts on my first TV appearance)

I'm not ashamed to admit I still get nervous.  My heart races, I pace, and my pits take the opportunity to produce inordinate amounts of moisture (really armpits? I know you're trying to help and stuff, but I'll be okay without the shoulder crevice saline deluge, I promise.)  Really though, isn't it these moments of nerves and excitement that keep us moving, keep us alert, and remind us that life is still an adventure to be chased?

The latest adventure in my life happened this morning, and it's name is television.

Now, I've been on TV before.  One time I was at a Detroit Tiger's game and a camera passed by my section.  I was able to pause it later and point to the small orange blip knowing that those 12 pixels existed solely thanks to me.  If the camera had come closer I might have had a chance to be as cool as this guy (the key is to point then look) but I've never had my closeup.... until this morning.

This morning I wore make up.

This morning I used hair gel.

This morning I fretted about my shoes.

This morning, I was on TV.

Now I don't want to make a bigger deal over it than it really is.  At its simplest a local news network enjoyed my video movie reviews enough that they invited me in to chat about "The Dark Knight Rises" and to help their audience know if it was worth seeing .  The review was scheduled long before the horrible theater tragedy yesterday in Colorado, so my purpose was simply to be "Your Movie Friend" and talk about it as a film.  I did it as a guest interview, I have not been promised it will ever happen again, and I was at the very end of a weekend morning newscast.  It was a simple 3 minute back and forth about the movie with the wonderful Sara Forhetz and nothing more.... and yet for me it was more.

It was an momenture.

Yeah, I make up words. Sorry.  But sometimes the English language just has holes. Like for instance, why is there no gender specific word for cousin? Mom, Dad; Grandma, Grandpa; Aunt, Uncle; Brother, Sister; Nephew Niece; Cousin..... er.... Cousin? This is a mistake and mistakes must be corrected. How about Brosins and Sistins? Anyone?  Wait.  I may have gotten off course.... oh yeah... momentures.

A momenture is that moment an adventure appears to begin.  It's all the excitement and anticipation of the possible future packed into a singular dense ball of hope and joy then coated with a glaze of uncertainty. It's the first step.  It's the new beginning. It's the leap of faith.  And it's scary as all get out.

It was a momenture when I stepped on stage in middle school to sing a bit part in Fiddler on the Roof.

It was a momenture when I saw her across the campgrounds and decided to go say hi.

It was a momenture when I pushed the button, spoke into a microphone, and wondered who was listening to the radio at 3AM on a Sunday.

It was a momenture when she looked me in the eye and said our two would soon be three.

And it was a momenture this morning when I put on a lapel, sat in front of three HD cameras, and talked about a movie just hoping that the makeup had obscured the giant zit above my left eye.

But the thing about momentures is they are rare creatures.  We have to hunt them down, catch them, and then hold on to them for all they are worth. Can you locate the momentures in your life? Can you sense another one lingering nearby?  I'd encourage you not to be afraid to chase it, because sometimes it's the steps before the first step that make all the difference.

So if you're new here and saw me on KY3 this morning, thanks! Feel free to look around and find other reviews that might be of service to you.  The search box in the upper right can be extremely helpful if you are looking for a particular TV show or Movie.

If you've been a supporter of Your Movie Friend already, thanks for your prayers and encouragement.  Let's continue the adventure together!

And no matter what, if you enjoy the review, would you let KY3 know?  You can comment on the video itself (watch here), send an email, or share it with others on your social networks. And who knows, maybe they will invite me back for more!

Thanks so much for following me on this new adventure, and keep an eye out for where your next momenture might appear and go after it with all your heart....

...and hopefully less pit sweat.

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