Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rush (Movie Review)

The best thing, worst thing, and main thing about the racing ravilry movie "Rush" in about the time it takes to watch the trailer.



 An amazing story told amazingly. Just another day at work for Ron Howard.
“Rush” is the true story of two Formula 1 racers from the mid 70s whose rivalry pushed each other to drastic and incredible measures. It’s stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl in the lead roles and is directed by Ron Howard who just keeps making great movies... and this… is a great movie.
First off the performances down the line are wonderful, especially Hemsworth and Bruhl. There is a subtlety to this rivalry that both actors zone in on, where you can feel the hate they have for each other, while at the same time seeing the respect and inspiration in their eyes. Howard does a great job at clearly explaining these characters defining traits and growth without resorting to too much exposition. The plot is also deftly woven giving you the exact information you need to compel you forward in the timeline. All of these things add up to a very clearly and tightly told story that allows the impact of the themes of risk, fear, obsession, and priority to resound completely and powerfully. And I haven’t even mentioned the best thing yet! The beauty of some of these shots is incredible and fresh. The movie goes to great lengths to show us shots from inside the cars or the helmets of the drivers that are unlike anything I’ve seen before. and it’s seriously great stuff that adds to the emotion of these intense moments.
The movie isn’t perfect though. And sense I need to pick a worst thing I’ll say it’s the brutality of some of the violence. Which, honestly, is a hard thing to dock it for because it’s not like its gratuitous. These moments are meant to put us squarely in the face with the danger and horror of what these men do, and the movie wouldn’t carry the same weight without them. But it’s still not easy to sit through, and so here’s fair warning for the squeamish, there are a few moments in this movie you will want to look away. Another thing I should mention is that I found the movie to strangely be lacking a bit of life. I was never disinterested, so to speak, but I also never felt that jolt of excitement that comes with any great trip to the cinema. This could be due to the fact that both of our “heroes” in the film aren’t really fun to root for so any kind of success is muted in one way or another, but whatever the case despite loving the story my heart never seemed to swell.
Whatever the case, overall, Rush is a beautiful, engaging, true story with some creative visuals and expert craftsmanship. If you can stand the brutality you’ll be in for a powerful ride. I’d give it an A-.
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