Monday, January 6, 2014

Favorites of 2013: Top 20 TV Shows

2013 was an incredible year for Your Movie Friend! Thanks for being along for the ride!

It's crazy for me to think that this little pop blog I started over a decade ago to just get my thoughts on culture into print has somehow now become an official source of film criticism.  Seriously, mind blowing.  But a midst the TV appearances, the acceptance to the BFCA, winning a YouTube reviewing contest, and fully producing video reviews every week, I haven't forgotten why I started doing this in the first place.  I love the way art can be used to tell stories that entertain and provoke thought.  Which is why I love January.

I get to rank stuff.

That's right, full on judgement. So each Monday this month I will be listing my favorites of the past 12 months, and I cannot wait to hear how much of an idiot I am for my choices. :)


A few notes before we get into it:

- There will be no honorable mentions. If it doesn't make the cut, to mention it would hold no honor.

- I kept up with 53 TV shows and watched 179 new movies this year, meaning roughly about the top 38% of the TV I watched and the top 23% of the movies I saw are included. Math, yay!

- This is for newly viewed items in the calendar year 2013.  This means the final half of last season, and first half of this season for many TV shows, and also means there might be movies that came out last year that I am just getting around to seeing.  But for me these things were new this year.

- This is a "favorites" list, not a "best of" list.  I embrace the subjectivity of art.  This is my list and it is influenced by many factors that might be unique to my perspective.  Having said that, I'm pretty sure its also completely infallible.

Here's the plan for the month:

Favorite 41 TV shows of All Time (Jan. 13th)
Favorite 41 Movies of All Time (Jan. 27th)

Here's my favorite TV of the year:


So You Think You Can Dance

The Blacklist

American Ninja Warrior

The Simpsons

Downton Abbey

Phineas & Ferb

Almost Human

The Sing Off

The Americans

The Legend of Korra

Parks and Recreation


Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Modern Family

Arrested Development

New Girl

Doctor Who

Breaking Bad

Agree? Disagree? Bring it on in the comments!

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