Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An EW Double Take...

(Originally posted Monday, February 12th, 2007)

Back for another cold week in Michigan. It's been almost a month now since we have seen the other side of freezing, I really need to start damaging the Ozone more, cause this global warming thing just ain't doing the trick yet. Checking out Pro Tennis in person this past weekend turned out to be pretty impressive. The gals we saw were absolutely pounding the ball, and I couldn't believe some of the returns. My favorite part though was pulling a Bruno Anthony on the folks across the way (prize to the first person in the comments who IDs that reference.)

Also wanted to mention an EW double take I had this weekend. These happen occasionally when Entertainment Weekly casually references something the mainstream press usually ignores. Recent examples include a Phil Vischer interview, or when Evenescence asked me why the **** I was playing their music. This weekend I was flipping the pages and found Ricky Gervais' "Must List". This is where the celebrity they are interviewing gives their recommendations for stuff to watch or listen to. Ricky Gervais (creator and star of the original "The Office" in the UK) is apparently a Mat Kearney fan. I wonder if Mat even knew this was coming. I wonder if he subscribes to EW and had his own little double take when he saw his little picture and blurb as one of three things that Ricky Gervais loves. "Hey that picture in EW looks like me, wait a second, THAT IS ME!" I also wonder how he felt about Gervais' description of his art as "spoken word that sounds like French hip-hop". Hmmm, French hip-hop, oooooook. Whatever the case, Mr. Kearney best be getting used to the press, talent like that just won't stay buried.

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