Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye 60, and a bit of Wiispotting....

First up, I'm completely bummed with the news that Studio 60 is likely out the door for good. It's been put on indefinite hiatus, which is network code for "we respect it too much to say canceled, but yeah, don't come to work anymore." This show was really catching it's stride and Sorkin's genius writing will be missed on a weekly basis. Plus it has one of the only consistent Christian characters on TV, well I guess there's always Flanders. Am I the only one who will be going through Sorkin withdrawal every week?

I did get some cheering up this morning, though, when I saw this picture today from a BBC news' "World Business Report".

If you peek behind the serious anchorgal's shoulder you will see the Nintendo Wii's News channel open on her monitor. How cool is it that the serious folks over at BBC use a Wii to gather news data? The truth is she was probably rockin' out to the dance stage on Wario Ware right before the interview and only switched it over to the news to look professional.

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