Monday, February 19, 2007

Of Flaming Faces and Free Flapjacks....

Two thoughts today, neither of which have to do with Brittney shaving her head. Seriously, how is this A) News or B) even remotely important. Speaking of remotes, we mourn the loss of a true hero today, but that's not one of my thoughts either (Stream of consciousness blogging, it's what's for breakfast.)

The aforementioned two things:

First, In my gandering at the box office for the weekend I saw that "Ghost Rider" made $44.5 million. 44 and half million dollars? Either Nic Cage is much more of a draw than I gave him credit for or this was a much bigger comic series than I realized. My only response to the previews was that it looked cool enough to draw the kids but creepy enough to keep away most. Guess we like creepy. To give you an idea it's the largest opening for a movie in 6 months, Cage's biggest opening ever, and the biggest President's Day ever. I'll check it out when it hits DVD, but let me know if you saw it and what you thought.

Also, just a heads up as IHOP will be giving away a free stack of pancakes tomorrow to celebrate National Pancake Day. I'm not normally one to care about useless holidays like this, but when there is free food involved, let's party! By the way, when is National Steak Day, and has anyone alerted Texas Roadhouse?

Comments? Questions? Could Ghost Rider actually be good? All comments welcome below :)

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