Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Guys, Round of 24)...

Was it just me or were the AI guys really bad last night? I seriously don't remember a single episode of any season that was as consistently boring, and had no stand out performance. I guess Phil Stacey was ok, and certainly Chris Sligh has a wonderful personality, but overall the singing was at best mediocre. I think I'm rooting for Blake (beatbox boy) just for the novelty of it all.

Rankings (in order of performance):

Rudy Cardenas (aka guy who sang first and danced way too much) “Free Ride” C+
Brandon Rogers (aka Mr. Background Vocalist) “Rock With You” B-
Sundance Head (aka guy who rocked the audition and hasn't shown up since) “Nights In White Satin” D+
Paul Kim (aka guy who doesn't wear shoes) “Careless Whisper” C-
Chris Richardson (aka guy who neither looks nor sings like JT, yet somehow they keep saying that) “I Don’t Want To Be” B-
Nick Pedro (aka The Quitter) “Now And Forever” C
Blake Lewis (aka Beatbox Boy) “Somewhere Only We Know” B
Sanjaya Malakar (aka guy whose smile completely freaks me out) “Knocks Me Off My Feet” F
Chris Sligh (aka Mr. Funny Guy) “Typical” B-
Jared Cotter (aka "this guy made the finals instead of Sean Michel?") “Back At One” C+
A.J. Tabaldo (aka "who dat?") “Never Too Much” C
Phil Stacey (aka guy that missed his child's birth yet somehow we still like him) “I Could Not Ask For More” B+


Who should go home? Easy. Sanja and Sundance. Sanja's performance was one of the worst things I've heard on the AI stage and Sundance has proven that his tryout was all smoke and mirrors, he's just not that great a singer. Who will go home? First week it's usually the ones who get little airtime through the tryouts or the ones who do good enough that people think they are safe, yet bad enough that no one votes for them. A.J. and Jared fit into category 1 while Nick, Paul, Rudy and Brandon fit into category 2. I'll go ahead and take one from each category by saying that A.J. and Paul will hit the road this week.


  1. For once, I agree with you. It was so bad last night that I ended up stopping the replay to work on other things. My goal is to get around to finishing it up before the girls go tonight. It's pretty bad when even Scott notices that it was one of the worst set of performances yet.

  2. Well, if you haven't seen Phil yet, at least his performance was OK. Clearly the best of the night, even though that isn't saying much. The gals better step it up tonight.