Thursday, February 22, 2007

On Blended Glowsticks, Faithbased Films, and More...

A few things I've been browsing this morning...

- Will Mark Burnett's new "On the Lot" be more Survivor/Apprentice/Contender or more The Casino/The Restaurant/Rock Star? You can find out when it debuts May 16th. Also announced today was that "So You Think you can Dance" will be back May 24th.

- Are "Christian Films" making the same mistakes that "Christian Music" did 20 years ago? Great article in Phil Vischer's blog today.

- Do you think the animosity between Cowell and Seacrest this season is real or a show? Whatever the case I find it completely annoying.

- Finally, is always good for a nice laugh, but is there anything cooler than a dozen glowsticks in a blender ?

I'll be back in a bit with my thoughts and predictions on the Idol gals from last night. And hopefully tomorrow I can get around to some conversation on the Oscars and the recent Dove noms (that's the Christian version of the Grammy, in case you were wondering.)

Comments? Questions? Cowell vs. Seacrest, Who Wins? All feedback welcome below :)

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