Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting to the Point...

Today is the first official day of Spring, and like many this time of year my mind immediately turns to Roller Coasters. Cedar Point was a Spring ritual growing up and somewhere about 3 or 4 years ago (and 3 or 4 kids ago) we just stopped going. Yet, like a bird yearning to migrate, like a compass seeking north, each spring I get the pang to strap myself in to a machine that will rocket me at crazy speeds over crazy hills and then drop me like I'm hot. I gave into the desire and decided to tease myself this morning by checking out the Cedar Point website to see what I'm missing. Now I'm even more depressed. Starting this May there will officially be 3 roller coasters I have not ridden at America's Roller Coast. Three brand new, record breaking, death cheating experiences that I have not had.

Wicked Twister

Top Thrill Dragster


These three bring the total number of Roller Coasters at The Point now to a staggering 17, and as you can see by clicking above, all three look incredible. So now the question is, how long do wait to go? Do I wait for all four of my boys to be old enough to enjoy it? Do I wait til Austin (my oldest) is tall enough to ride every ride (oh wait, he's been 52 inches tall since he was 6.)? Do I take a day away with Wife O' Dice? Do I wait til I am a "guest of less exceptional size"? Maybe that's what I will do. Make Cedar Point my reward for losing some weight, though I'm not sure how I'm going to lose 4 inches of height. Whatever the case, it's Spring, and as the presence of new Roller Coasters wafts through the air, the only G-Force I am dealing with is the one that keeps my firmly planted in this chair. Sigh...

Comments? Questions? Your favorite Coaster? All feedback welcome below :)


  1. Call me when you are going or call me if you need someone to make you lose weight.

  2. If the Wife-O-Dice and Dice want a weekend extravaganza to Cedar Point.... I may know of a babysitter that could be there for a weekend. I could either come July 22 (Sunday) until like Tuesday..... and then head to Northern Michigan camp.... or come at the end of camp week (July 26ish) and right before the Dicer/McBurnie/Handcock extravaganza in Tennessee since I will be in MI for camp that week anyways!! Just throwin it out there as an option! :-)

  3. I like Brenda's idea best. Wife 'O Dice would be a better choice at this point because she would ride the rides without having to be convinced to do so - and you wouldn't have to carry her off the ride while she hyperventalated - unless it is the Demon Drop and they are going for a complimentary ride after the first heart stopping ride.