Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Top 11)...

Someone help me out. Who was that crying girl? Did I miss something? Did she win some sort of contest? If so I can only imagine it was some sort of thing where contestants see who can produce the most tears at unexplainable times, cause honestly, that was way more creepy than cute. Thoughts on the actual singing competition to follow.


Haley Scarnato - “Tell Him” (C+)
Good for Haley, but still leagues behind our front-runners.

Chris Richardson - "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" (B-)
It's no secret I'm not sold on this guy. I don't get him and I thought that was completely boring. Very well done, but boring.

Stephanie Edwards - “You Don't Have to Say You Love Me” (C)
That's too bad, cause Steph can really sing, but that was pretty rough to get through.

Blake Lewis - “Time of the Season” (A)
YEAH BLAKE, PUT IT DOWN BABY. Of course then he was completely upstaged by a little Seacrest breakdance beatbox action. Ladies and Gentlemen you're runner-up.

Lakisha Jones - “Diamonds are Forever” (B)
An off night for LJ is a great night for anyone else, but for the first time I probably won't have her in the Top 2 for the night.

Phil Stacey - “Tobacco Road” (B)
What was all over his shirt? I was so distracted by the smudges that I almost missed that Phil laid it down pretty strong. Nice job, no real chance of winning, but nice job.

Jordin Sparks - “I Who Have Nothing” (A-)
Well done. By the way, just how tall is this girl?

Sanjaya Malakar - “You Really Got Me” (D)
Smart choice to chose a song that is actually more yelling than singing, I honestly thing this may be the week he goes home. (clicks heels three times, repeating "Sanjaya go home, Sanjaya go home", I knew these ruby slippers would come in handy eventually)

Gina Glocksen - “Paint it Black” (B-)
Gina, rockin' out just like she should be.

Chris Sligh - “She's Not There” (B)
I thought that was really good. Chris has lost a bit of his luster for me, but he is still the second best guy there. (Side Note: Interesting article on Sligh's faith and how it is affecting him in the news today.)

Melinda Doolittle - “As Long as He Needs Me” (A)

Yep, she's the one.

Tonight's Rankings:

11. Sanjaya Malakar
10. Stephanie Edwards
9. Haley Scarnato
8. Chris Richardson
7. Gina Glocksen
6. Phil Stacey
5. Chris Sligh
4. Lakisha Jones
3. Jordin Sparks
2. Blake Lewis
1. Melinda Doolittle

Overall Rankings:

11. Sanjaya Malakar
10. Chris Richardson
9. Haley Scarnato
8. Phil Stacey
7. Chris Sligh
6. Gina Glocksen
5. Stephanie Edwards
4. Jordin Sparks
T2. Blake Lewis
T2. Lakisha Jones
1. Melinda Doolittle


I actually think it could be Sanjaya this week for a couple reasons. One he actually wasn't that bad, so his voters might be less frantic. Two, I still believe in truth, justice, and the American way, one of which must prevail. (cynic boot pick: Phil Stacey)

Comments? Questions? Is Blake really a contender? All feedback welcome below :)

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