Thursday, March 22, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Top 11 Results)...

Now, before you go into the rant about Sanjaya sticking around for another week, I have two questions for you. Did you vote? and if so did you vote for everyone except for Sanjaya? If not, then quit your whining and enjoy the ride. If you don't care enough to pick up a phone and dial a few numbers, then maybe you're actually finding entertainment in the train wreck. I know I am. But it is starting to feel a bit too "Carrie" for me. You know, all the popular kids getting together to vote the ugliest, most socially inept girl at school homecoming queen. I'm just praying Sanjaya doesn't develop telekinesis or we are all doomed.

The Bottom Three (er... two): D-

Chris R.: No. As much as I'm not a fan, there were several people that deserved to be lower than Chris
Stephanie: Uh..., you meant Sanjaya right, it was all just a typo, right?

The Ford Commercial: C

Mediocre at best. Nothing memorable unless you count "Melinda"'s acrobatics.

The Top 11 performance: ?

Did they do one? Was I so haunted by "Crying Girl" that I missed it?

The Guest Performance: B+, B

These guest coach's appearances just scream, "Hey look at me, I was famous 40 years ago, please notice me". Having said that, these two actually did a decent job. I'll always give the nod to Herman's Hermits. Is it just me, or does everyone now know a "Mrs. Brown" who has a lovely daughter.

The Elimination: F

I haven't quite joined the Sanjaya hunger strike yet, but I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Original Pre Top 12 predictions
12. Brandon (Ding, Ding)
11. Sanjaya (GRRRRRR)
10. Haley
9. Phil
8. Jordin
7. Chris R.
6. Stephanie
5. Chris S.
4. Lakisha (THE SHOCKER)
3. Gina
2. Blake
1. Melinda
After this week I'd amend them to look like this:

10. Phil
9. Haley
8. Sanjaya
7. Jordin
6. Chris R.
5. Chris S.
4. Gina
3. Lakisha (THE SHOCKER)
2. Blake
1. Melinda

Comments? Questions? Rank the Top 10? All feedback welcome below :)

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  1. I shouldn't have to waste my time trying to vote for people who can sing. The people voting for Sanjaya should let the poor kid off the hook. The others are so out of his league that I hurt for the kid just about every week that he has to get up there in front of millions of people and flop. Let him go home with some dignity! It's like peeling a very sticky bandaid off very slowly to inflict the most pain possible to everyone around instead of just getting it over with and ripping it off very quickly! Rip the bandaid off already!!