Thursday, March 8, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Girls, Round of 16)...

It's all about the turtleneck baby, none of that wimpy mock stuff, bring back the full turtle, Ryan. Beyond the fashion choices of Mr. Seacrest last night proved again (as if we needed more) that the ladies own the season. Are we to the boring part of AI already, where we wait for the inevitable Lakisha, Melinda showdown for the finale? Oh well, as long as they keep bringing it like last night I'll be listening.


Jordin Sparks - “Heartbreaker.” (A-)
Lots of fun, infectious smile, liked it a lot. Randy nailed it, not her best but still better than all the boys, sad.

Sabrina Sloan - “Don’t Let Go.” (B)
Eh, it was good but not stand out good, we shall see.

Antonella Barba - “Put Your Records On.” (C)
Her best performance yet, and it was still nothing but fare to middlin'.

Haley Scarnato - “If My Heart Had Wings.” (B-)
The B stands for Bye, the minus stands for the show will be minus Haley next week. Sorry, girl, too many uber-divas for you to survive.

Stephanie Edwards - “Sweet Thing.” (A-)
Girl can sing, she was even a bit off tonight and still blew the boys out of the water.

Lakisha Jones - “I Have Nothing.” (A)
Incredible, two words, different league.

Gina Glocksen - “Call Me When You’re Sober.” (B)
Hmmm, I didn't like the song, but I like her, but she sang poorly, but the energy was there, but the pitch was off, but it was Evanescence, but.... ah forget it.

Melinda Doolittle - “I’m A Woman.” (A+)
ASTOUNDING! I was not ready for that. Houston, we have a new frontrunner. Since she kicked everybody's butt tonight does that mean she also has to slap them in the face, you know for equality.


10. Sean Michel (Here's hoping they bring back the wild card show)
9. Haley Scarnato
8. Stephanie Edwards
7. Sabrina Sloan
6. Chris Sligh (BTW, how did it get by me that he did a dctalk song this week?!, sheesh, I'm losing it)
5. Blake Lewis
4. Jordin Sparks
3. Gina Glocksen
2. Lakisha Jones
1. Melinda Doolittle


It should (once again) be Antonella and Haley but I'm guessing the pity/threat/votefortheworst factor keeps Antonella in once again. If Haley goes the other spot will be the shocker for the night no matter who it is. I'm guessing it will be one of Stephanie or Sabrina since they are so similar to each other and to the front runners Lakisha and Melinda. Official guess on the gals; Haley and Stephanie.

Comments? Questions? Guesses on tonight's big Idol announcement? All feedback welcome below :)


  1. I want to see your rankings on how you think the top 12 will be voted out once they're announced tonight. You know there's always that suprise person who gets voted out when people forget to vote for, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, etc. I think Blake Lewis will make it really far, seeing how every little teen girl with a cell phone her rich parents bought her will be voting for him and not for the girls...

  2. Great question Kim. Obviously a lot changes based on performances each week.

    Here's my opinion on how they should go down:

    12. Sanjaya
    11. Brandon
    10. Chris R.
    9. Phil
    8. Haley
    7. Jordin
    6. Chris S.
    5. Stephanie
    4. Blake
    3. Gina
    2. Lakisha
    1. Melinda

    But here is how I think it will go down:

    12. Brandon
    11. Sanjaya
    10. Haley
    9. Phil
    8. Jordin
    7. Chris R.
    6. Stephanie
    5. Chris S.
    4. Lakisha (THE SHOCKER)
    3. Gina
    2. Blake
    1. Melinda

  3. Thanks for the last line on Melinda's review - you always make me laugh -love you!