Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Guys, Round of 16)...

Ryan asked the appropriate question last night, "How many guys belong in the top 12?" I think the judges were generous to say 4, the real answer is 2. Unfortunately there will be 6. One of whom, for some unknown, shake the universe to it's core, reason will likely be Sanjaya. I'm glad that was the last time the guys performed on their own, I don't know if I could take another night like that.


Blake Lewis - “All Mixed Up.” (A)
Blake is quickly becoming my favorite guy, I love hip-pop and Blake's got it goin' on. He is a flat out pop-star waiting to happen and I even enjoyed his little SNL audition.

Sanjaya Malakar - “Waiting On The World To Change.” (D)
He knows how to Hula... why am I not surprised? And what was up with him sporting the Rachel do from Friends? Don't get me wrong I don't want him eliminated for his looks, he needs to go because he can't sing. WHO IS VOTING FOR THIS GUY? Please for the love of everything that is sacred STOP VOTING HIM THROUGH!

Sundance Head - “Jeremy.” (C-)
Is this just the night for weird hair and awful singing? Sorry Sundance, I loved your first audition, but you just butchered Pearl Jam, and you must go now.

Chris Richardson - “Tonight I Wanna Cry.” (B)
Boring, but serviceable, Chris should stick around, but this is exactly the kind of performance that gets you booted at this stage.

Jared Cotter - “If You Really Love Me.” (B)
Bye Bye Jared, not good enough to inspire phone calls, not bad enough to get the threat bounce. Sorry man.

Brandon Rogers - “I Just Want To Celebrate.” (B)
Thought it was going to be good from the energy at the beginning, but the singing just wasn't that good. Good song choice, but bad execution.

Phil Stacey - “I Need You.” (C-)
Whoa, what is up with Phil's tone tonight? I got the grimace face from Wife o' Dice when he started and I have to agree, Phil was off tonight, yikes.

Chris Sligh - “Wanna Be Loved.” (A)
If it's a guy, it's Chris or Blake, plain and simple. Proved it again tonight. Not sure what the judges heard cause I loved it.


I'll do my rankings tomorrow after the girls perform, but it's safe to say Sligh and Lewis will be the only guys in my top 10, meaning 2 of my top 10 will be going home Thursday because of that silly 6 and 6 rule.


Once again Sanjaya and Sundance should go home but will probably be safe. Phil might actually benefit from being off and get the threat bounce. Blake and Sligh should be safe. That leaves Chris R., Brandon, and Jared, the B boys. I'm guessing Brandon and Jared will be the average boring performances that go home tomorrow. Lesson once again will be whatever you do, don't be mediocre. Go for either awesome or awful and you should stick around. Seems like there is a scripture about that somewhere, something about God doing a spit take. Whatever the case, bring on the girls!

Comments? Questions? Guesses on Thursday's big Idol announcement? All feedback welcome below :)

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