Friday, March 30, 2007

Workaholic Intervention (Game 3.30.7)...

Work is too important in our culture. For too long we have worshiped workaholism and put way too much emphasis on work ethic. So to help people break free of the bonds of overexertion I've instituted two new weekly features into the blog as simple online time-wasters. Every Monday, I will post a video, and every Friday a game. Something to keep you less productive at work or home, you know, just so you don't work so hard. It's for your own good.

Each Friday I will leave us with an easy online game to waste a few minutes with. I would love to see people play for 10 minutes or so and then post in the comments what level or score they were able to get. This week, we will move away from the ball games (you happy now Drew?), and into the grade school memory department. This page simply asks you how how many of the States you can type in 10 minutes. I was able to name all of them in about 4 and half minutes, but then I'm one of those freaks who has them all memorized in alphabetical order. In fact, the only reason it took me that long is because I spent 2 minutes misspelling Massachusettes, er... Masachusetes, er... Massachussetes, er..., well you get the idea.

Let me know how you do.

50 States In 10 Minutes

1 comment:

  1. I had 6:43 left when I finished!

    I also had them memorized from a song I learned in 5th grade...