Friday, March 30, 2007

On Wii Bowling with KJ-52...

I wanted to let you know, we've got the Fuse auction going on now at Ebay. Because the station I work for is a non profit, every penny that comes in comes directly to us to keep the Fuse playing great music 24/7. You can check out the auctions we've got going at missionfish, or just by searching for the user startime on ebay. There is plenty of cool stuff but the highlight would have to be Wii Bowling and pizza for you and 2 friends with KJ-52. KJ is coming in to do a special release party show for us on the 12th of April and agreed to hang and play some Wii with a few listeners before the show. Come on you know you want to. Bid high, bid often!

Other stuff:

- Apparently I was right that Chris Sligh just wasn't feeling the American Idol thing lately. Best part of the article is the revelation that he got kicked out of Bob Jones for going to a "For Him" (sic) concert. Yeah, that "Basics of Life" song has been corrupting our youth for generations now.

- Looks like Mark Wahlberg is joining the new M. Night project.

- Rejoice! X-Files 2 is back in play !

- And finally, the annual SOS (Save Our Show) poll is going on here. This actually has a pretty good track record of keeping shows on the air, so go vote. In fact, Wife O' Dice would probably have my head if I didn'tcajole you to vote for Studio 60. She has put the pressure on thick for me to use my "influence" to keep Sorkin's latest on the air. She believes that if Howard Stern can keep Sanjaya on American Idol than I can keep Studio 60 on the air. I've yet to break it to her that Stern's audience is just a tad bigger than mine, but I don't think she's going to let me off the hook. So, for my health's sake, just go vote for Studio 60.


  1. I don't like studio 60. And were was she when I needed someone to vote for firefly?

  2. She didn't know about Firefly at the time fr she would have voted for it. 'Cuz when she finally saw it. she loved it. The movie too! Why didn't you tell her about it! So, there. Vote for 60 just for her now, PLEASE!!

  3. don't worry wife of dice..... i voted for your show. I've never heard of it.... but I didn't really care about any of the other shows on the list either, so I thought I'd help you out!! :-)