Monday, April 2, 2007

Workaholic Intervention (Video 4.2.7)...

Work is too important in our culture. For too long we have worshiped workaholism and put way too much emphasis on work ethic. So to help people break free of the bonds of overexertion I've instituted two new weekly features into the blog as simple online time-wasters. Every Monday, I will post a video, and every Friday a game. Something to keep you less productive at work, school, or home, you know, just so you don't work so hard. It's for your own good.

With the men's basketball national championship tonight I thought I would issue a challenge to Ohio State and Florida to make the game more interesting.

The challenge:

1) You must trail by 7 with 45 seconds left and win the game.

2) You must win in regulation.

3) Not only that you must win by 2.

4) 3 pointers are not allowed.

5) Nor are 3 point plays. If you get fouled in the act of shooting and make the basket you must miss the free throw.

6) All points from the 45 second mark must be scored by the same player.

7) The last (and winning) shot must take place with less than one second on the clock.


9) And most amazingly, neither coach is allowed to call a timeout from the 45 second mark.

Instructional video to follow...

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