Monday, April 16, 2007

“Hello, World!”

Well, today is my first official day as a “blogger!” I think that I should celebrate some how. After all, not just anyone can be a blogger. There are some pretty stiff requirements:

1) You must have a computer. (That right there eliminates about 7 people currently living in third world countries).

2) You must be able to type. (Actually, you could do that one finger typing thing, so really you just have to be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet.)

So, as you can see, bloggers are an uncommon breed. I however, am not just a blogger—I am a “Substitute Blogger.” I feel as honored as the lady from the local affiliate who fills in for the regular network weather guy when he covers the Olympics. (I would mention her by name, but I didn’t catch it.)

Either way, you are stuck with me for the week. I’ll take a moment each day to share with you a simple reflection on life as I know it, and possibly a bit of commentary.

I’m not crazy enough to hope you’ll read everyday this week; I’m just hoping someone will still be willing to visit this blog when Dice is back next week.

Workaholic Intervention
To continue Dice’s efforts to make this blog a salve for the open wound of workaholic-ism that runs rampant in our American society (not to mention the fact that the odds are you’re reading this at work already), here’s a little something to waste your time on.

Take a walk down virtual memory lane with the “Wayback Machine.” Just click the link below and type in the name of your favorite website (the page you built for your dog or the site of a Fortune 500 company), and then browse through what it used to look like way back when. I’m talkin’ way back! Like 1998!

This little gem should help you waste a good solid 3 minutes of the time your employer is paying you for. This is our little way of stickin’ it to the man.

"The Wayback Machine"

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  1. BOOOOO! Bring back the other guy!

    Just kidding, glad to have you on board, you make my laugh as always.