Friday, April 13, 2007

On KJ-52, a Burning Tire, and a New Blogger on Rollin'...

Sup my peeps? Sorry, my hop-hopeez will be in full affect after hanging with KJ 52 for most of the day yesterday. I gotta say, KJ is one of the coolest, hardest working, most personable artist I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he owned the Fuse crowd last night. I had a great time getting to know him a little better, watching him play Wii for the first time, and seeing him rock the mic like a vandal (though I didn't see any waxing of any chumps despite the fact that there was a candle). Anyhow, I did an interview with KJ that will probably be available on The Frequency podcast (available on itunes and at ) and I might even be contributing more to that podcast on a weekly basis so stay tuned.

Have you ever pulled into somewhere, smelled burning rubber, exited your vehicle and found smoke and flames coming from your front driver side tire? Well I have. Yesterday pulling into the KJ concert. So I did what any smart non-mechanical person would do, let it burn itself out and never thought about it again. No way that one ever comes back to bite me.

Finally this morning, I wanted to introduce you to a new name that will be popping up here at the blog for at least the next week. With our fundraiser sucking any blogging time I might have next week, my dear friend Andy has agreed to fill in and blog Monday through Friday next week. I would ask that you make him feel welcome, laugh at his jokes, and give him nice comments, but I'm actually more afraid that he will be so much funnier than I that you won't accept me back after next week and we will have to rename this thing Rollin' with Andy.

Watch yourself Andrew, don't show me up too bad.