Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall TV Preview, Monday...

If you aren't planning on watching TV much, then this week at Rollin' may not be for you. Don't worry, next Monday I will be back to all the pointless over thinking of all areas of culture, but this week it's all about the Fall TV season. We are less than a month from some of these premiers so it's time to get your DVRs all warmed up and in shape for September.

Everyday this week we will look at the current day of the week and what will be on that night (Friday, we will look at the weekend). It's my task every year to limit my TV viewing each week to 21 hours, so in going through the schedules I will rate each show red, yellow, or green. Green means I will be watching (at least initially), blue that I won't but you might, and red that I refuse to believe anyone is interested. At the end of the week I will add my total hours up and cut what I need to get down to 21 hours.


Monday belongs to NBC for me. Chuck to Heroes to Journeyman has the chance to be the biggest triple play ever if the two new shows pan out. Heroes, of course, should be a staple of any weekly TV diet, and Rules of Engagement has some great chemistry between David Spade and Patrick Warburton (Emperor's New Groove, anyone?) which is why I will probably watch. Prison Break should have been a one season show, and since they didn't stop it then, I did. CSI: Miami remains the best worst show on TV and worth my hour simply to see Caruso ham it up each week.

The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Dancing with the Stars
CBS - How I Met Your Mother
CW - Everybody Hates Chris
Fox - Prison Break
NBC - Chuck


CBS - The Big Bang Theory
CW - Aliens in America


CBS - Two and a Half Men
CW - Girlfriends
Fox - K-Ville
NBC - Heroes


ABC - Samantha Who?
CBS - Rules of Engagement
CW - The Game


ABC - The Bachelor
CBS - CSI: Miami
NBC - Journeyman

Monday's total: Four 1 hour dramas, one half hour sit-com, 4.5 hours

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