Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Freespin: On Little Guys Beating the Big Guys...

Couple things today as we head into the weekend, both dealing with the underdog rocking the worlds of the favorite.

The first underdog in the spotlight is Bryon Gaynor. If the name doesn't strike you as familiar, the picture might. He performed live on the So You Think You Can Dance finale this week and was by far the best thing about the 2 hour finale. So good in fact that I can tell you exactly when he performs because I have fast forwarded to it many times. 45 minutes into the show, the dude does his thing and the place explodes. Sabre may have won, but Bryon is my hero. Check out more of his stuff on Youtube under the name "Chibotics"

The other underdog to take out the big guy this week is Nintendo. Now it may seem weird to some to think of Nintendo as the underdog. But since the original Playstation, Sony has owned the gaming industry. Now with the success of the Wii, Nintendo looks like they are back on top. And now the numbers back it up. By most accounts, Nintendo will officially be the best selling "next gen" console sometime in the next few days. Selling more overall units than even the 360 even though they had a full year's head start. Check out for all the data, and if you doubt the numerical evidence, just try finding one. The things been out for almost a year and it's still a tough catch. Incredible.

Back Monday to kick off the Fall TV preview.

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