Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who Ya' Rooting For...

Just curious who you are rooting for in the reality shows you watch. It feels like we are far enough in them to make the calls, what do you think? Not who you think will win, who do you think should win?

So You Think You Can Dance

3. Danny
2. Lacey (Benji's sis)
1. Sabra

Last Comic Standing

3. Doug (Best Week Ever alum)
2. Matt (British child)
1. Lavell ("Cause I wanna live" guy)

Big Brother 8

3. Jameka (God has it all planned girl)
2. Amber (Cries at the drop of a hat girl)
1. Erik (America's Player)

America's Got Talent

3. Cas (Unique singing dad)
2. Butterscotch (Beatbox singing girl)
1. Terry (Ventriloquist singing impersonator)

On the Lot

2. Jason (backwards hat Christian guy)
1. Will (since week one's "Lucky Penny")

How bout you?

1 comment:

  1. Since we only get two channels in our current living situation, I've only kept up with two of those shows. Not to be a copycat, but I agree with your picks for LCS and BB8. I think the 'British' guy on LCS is really funny, but the 'hefty' guy will most likely win.