Monday, August 6, 2007

Workaholic Intervention (8.6.7)...

Two Heads are better than One....

My mom works both at Disney World and the Orlando airport (for Northwest). Aside from getting us into Wally World free when we head down and allowing them to fly anywhere without dropping any cash, it also affords her some "brushes with fame". This past week while checking people in at the ticket counter she looked up to see Abigail and Brittany Hensel. I'm sure she let out a gasp when she saw them, not because she knew who they were, but because well... It's hard to explain.

Maybe this will help...

Now, I'm sure they weren't wearing winter clothes in O Town, but even if they were I have a feeling it wouldn't be the first thing out of place people would notice about them. Seeing a girl with two heads, or more accurately two girls with one body, is surreal enough experience when it is a photo but I can't imagine how strange it would be to meet them. This isn't to make light of their life at all. In fact, reading through their Wikipedia entry, they appear to be pretty amazing girls, and you have to admire there cooperation skills.

Still, just seeing them presses my curious button like crazy, so indulge me and hopefully no cats will be killed.

- Are there just two heads or do they have duplicate organs too? (A: 2 hearts, 1 ribcage, 3 lungs, 3 kidneys, 1 liver, 2 stomachs, 2 gallbladers, every thing intestines down is shared.)

- Who feels the need to "use the facilities"? And if it's both, do you think they argue over whether they really have to go or not? (A: no idea, for some reason these issues aren't addressed)

- Do they each eat half the food they need? And if one went on a fast would she even feel it? (A: Yes, and No, One could quit eating and not be much worse the wear)

- Who controls what? (A:Left head controls left arm and leg, right head controls right arm and leg.)

- Two Souls? (A:Only God knows, but I would think it's certainly yes.)

- If they both get saved do they get two glorified bodies in heaven or just one? (A: Doesn't need one, I'm just a smart alec.)

- When they argue is the phrase "Well, don't bite my head off, ok?" forbidden? (A: Same)

- If they get married do they have to convert to Mormonism? (A: Ok, so I'm not really curious, I just wanted an excuse to make jokes.)

Anyhow an incredible story and I wish I could have met them in person.

Some more Hensel pics and a video to keep you from working too hard today...

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  1. are you sure you're not just talking about them because they are dicephalic conjoined twins?

    amazing story really...

    peace... love... bdg...