Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Mole is back?, The Mole is Back!, THE MOLE IS BACK!!...

There are many things in life that are just too wonderful to dare to dream of. Teleportation, unaided human flight, and the return of a favorite TV show after 4 years of being off the air. Yet here I stand in jubilant ecstasy, arms raised in triumph, reciting a phrase that even now rings too good to be true in my ears.

ABC is bringing back "The Mole".

Now if you don't remember "The Mole" I don't blame you. It had two wonderful seasons as a groundbreaking Reality show (I consider it part of the original Reality trinity along with CBS's Survivor and Amazing Race) before being slowly tortured to death by two awful celebrity editions. As if it wasn't bad enough that they replaced a then unknown Anderson Cooper with Ahmad Rashaad as host, they sullied the concept by making it easier on the celebs (many of which could care less about the game.) All of this left the Mole looking like one of those "faces of meth" candidates that you could hardly recognize only a couple years later. Which is a shame because I still consider it the best Reality concept ever invented.

What people forget about this show is how fun it is to play along and try to discover The Mole with the players. The show was part National Treasure, part Sherlock Holmes Mystery, and part social experiment and I can't wait to see it on the air again. Kudos to ABC for having the guts to give it another shot (despite the disingenuous claim that it has nothing to do with the writer's strike.)

Now to get to work on bringing back "The Family"

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