Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On surviving long odds...

Proud Dad story before a couple links I found interesting.

I got a call last night from Justin's teacher (he's in 1st grade) worried about where he has been. We had been on vacation for a week and somehow missed letting her know. After I reassured her that everything was fine and that we were out of town and apologized for the miscommunication (or missed communication I guess) she said that the class was missing him. I told her that was kind to say and thanked her for her concern but then she continued to go into detail. She said that the kids in the class have been asking about him everyday and one girl in particular was crying when he didn't come on Monday. She then said that the class just feels a little off without him and that there would be a celebration when he came back. It immediately got me thinking, how do people react when I'm away? Do I make a room better or worse when I enter? Another lesson from one of my boys on how to live.

Brief things I found interesting today:

-This article on the man who fell 47 stories and lived. Incredible.

- This college hoops game where one team finished with only 2 players on the court. They played with 4 from a couple minutes left in regulation and still managed to force a second OT.

- And finally the site I will be refreshing every 10 seconds until something new appears.

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