Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Thoughts (Top 7)...

We have officially entered into the, "Can we just hurry up and get to the finale already?" phase of American Idol. Although it was nice to hear David Cook put himself back on the map with his amazing arrangement of Mariah's "Be My Baby", other than that, it was another mediocre night of oversinging and snoozery. I know I've said that David Cook won't win, but in a season where there have only been two uber performances and they both came from the same man, it's becoming easier to believe he just might pull it off. He's been the only Idol I've even come close to rooting for this season and now I'm thinking he might actually have a chance. Nah, forget it, the only way I'm picking him is if Brooke goes home this week, but that will never happen, right?

My personal overall ranking:

1.) David Cook
2.) Brooke White
3.) David Archuletta
4.) Jason Castro
5.) Syesha Mercado
6.) Carly Smithson
7.) Kristy Lee Cook

Going Home:

It will definitely be one of the gals this week, in fact, I'm almost willing to guarantee a bottom three entirely made of the female persuasion. The likely culprits will be Syesha, Carly, and Brooke, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Kristy Lee in there swapped with any of the other three. So which lady walks out the door? I know I've been picking her to win, but the evidence all screams that Brooke is in trouble, the same way Cook and Johns were in trouble last week, their fans thought they were safe. However, seeing as DC survived last week unscathed, I'm going to make my official prediction that Syesha hits the road tonight.

Predicting Final Placement:

If Brooke survives the night,

7th - Syesha
6th - Kristy Lee
5th - Castro
4th - Carly
3rd - DC (just can't shake the feeling)
2nd - Archuletta
1st - Brooke

If Brooke goes home,

7th - Brooke
6th - Kristy Lee
5th - Castro
4th - Syesha
3rd - Carly
2nd - Archuletta
1st - DC

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