Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer Movie Preview. (You Choose #10)..

With Iron Man guitar riffing his way into theaters tomorrow I figured I'd better get going on making my 10 movie choices for the summer. Every year it's the same old story, plenty of great movies coming out and due to budgetary purposes I get to chose 10 that I actually get to see on the big screen. This year is even more crazy with almost 20 movies coming out between now and August that I want to see. After eliminating those that I don't have to see on a big screen (sorry, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and no I'm not kidding) I managed to cut the list down to 15, meaning I'm still five over my limit. I've managed to pick nine but I just can't cut locate the last one in the six remaining. So here's the plan. I'll let you decide. For the next 4 weeks I'll have a poll up here at rollin' asking which of the final six movies you think I should catch in all it's hugeness. I'll abide by whatever you chose, and the other 5 will just have to wait for DVD glory.

Here in, alphabetical order, are your six choices with some pros and cons as I see them.

Get Smart - (Pros) Should be the funniest movie of the summer. I absolutely love the TV Show and it looks like they are keeping the feel pretty faithful. (Cons) Not sure it's one that I have to see big. Could dissolve into infantile humor instead of the corny, quirky humor I prefer.

Incredible Hulk - (Pros) Edward Norton is a genius. The effects look incredible. No Hulk Dogs in this one. It's a comic book movie, ya dig? (Cons) Norton hasn't really done the action thing before. The first one was dreadful.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D - (Pros) It's in 3D. It's in 3D. It's in 3D. (Cons) The 3D looks ultra gimmicky which I hate (use it as a tool ,not a gimmick, please! see Beowulf as reference) Brandon Fraser may just be phoning it in.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - (Pros) Love the other Mummy movies (see penchant for corny, quirky humor mentioned above). Lots of eye candy. (Cons) Indiana Jones will probably put it in it's place. Brandon Fraser may just be phoning it in.

Speed Racer - (Pros) The visuals in the trailer look astonishing. Mind bending racing action. (Cons) I never watched the original cartoon. John Goodman's character freaks me out.

Star Wars: Clone Wars - (Pros) Uh... IT'S STAR WARS. (Cons) Well, it's not really Star Wars.

Over the next 9 days I'll post in order of anticipation the other 9 films I plan on catching in the next 4 months (feel free to guess them in the comments), until then, get to voting, I need to know what number 10 will be!


  1. As you well know, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to movies, but I figure 3 of your 9 have to be "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian," "Wall-E," and "The Happening."

  2. i'm going to guess:

    The Happening
    The Dark Knight
    X Files 2
    Tropic Thunder

    and vote for The Incredible Hulk, though i think that Get Smart will be great, i think it will be a DVD worthy viewing...

    peace... love... bdg...

  3. First I'm super surprised mom even knows that many movies coming out. cutos el madre.

    My initial thought was you have to see Get Smart and was disgusted that you it was on the chopping block. But this movie has a huge potential to be a giant disappointment. With that being said I'm going to buy your ticket for this one. There is no way the 4 people who vote on your blog are going to vote for it. There is also no way I'm going to let this summer go buy and you not see it... and loving it.

    This still leaves us with the question on what to watch. I am leaning towards (I can't believe I'm saying this) speed racer. Yes speed racer. Hulk would be a good choice but from the preview I saw before Iron Man I can already tell you the plot. And I have a feeling it won't be that exciting. Clone Wars is awesome but not a better choice. You never go see a movie just because its 3d...NEVER! So there is only the mummy left. Its most likely going to be like the first two. Don't get me wrong. I love the first two. You just don't need to see a third in theaters.

    Speed Racer is going to be unique. It may not be the best movie of the summer but i think it may be the shocker of the summer. I had no interest in seeing it at all until I decided that two days ago. So there you have it.

  4. Hey Drew, will you buy my ticket too? I don't really care to see any of the other six movies, but I'm really looking forward to Get Smart. I think the casting was near perfect.

  5. oh yeah, I want to see the Mummy as well, but I can just wait until they do a Mummy marathon on TBS.