Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Movie Preview (#1)...

#1 Wall-E

So why is Wall-E the movie I am most anticipating this summer? 5 letters P-I-X-A-R. Not only have those guys never made a bad movie, they've never even made a mediocre one. Their success rate is 8 for 8 (18 for 18 if you count the short films, and I just might) which I'm fairly certain equals 100%. Not only that but it is directed by Andrew Stanton, whose other film happens to be my favorite Pixar flic of the bunch, "Finding Nemo". The point is there is no movie company working today (or for that matter ever) that I trust as completely to deliver fun, depth, and quality every time out of the gate. They have never let me down, and I don't imagine Wall-E will be the first time they do.

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  1. i have never liked the movie cars. for me its the rare miss. the animation was a step backwards and the story was not interesting. i would say they are 90%. still an amazing number.