Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol Thoughts (Finale)...

As you prepare to spend two hours this evening to find out something that could be told to you in 5 seconds, I figured I'd hop in and save you the headache. David Cook wins. I've been telling anyone who would listen for weeks that Archuletta is guaranteed 2nd place, no matter how the performances shake out week to week. Why? He has enough fans to get him there no matter how bad he does and he has enough haters that find him annoying that would make sure whoever is in the final 2 with him will win. I have to say I'm glad it's DC. As the only contestant this year to have a drop jaw amazing performance, it's nice to see the right guy win. Yes, I know, Simon said it was a knockout for Archuletta and everyone seems to think Cook was off his game, but I'll repeat, it doesn't matter. I've said from the beginning that there was something off about the Archuletta kid and as amazing vocalist as he is, more and more people have found themselves hoping he doesn't win. Cook will win, and I bet you don't hear Ryan even say it was close tonight.

On another note, I also need to say that I am glad DC chose to do all new stuff last night. Doing a repeat has always seemed to me to be pretty lame and pandering, and I was glad he said so.

So now there is no need for you to be nervous tonight, no need to sit through two hours of filler, I'll kill the suspense right now, David Cook will win and I'm thrilled.

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