Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Movie Preview (#8)...

#8 Hancock

Moving through my most anticipated movies for the summer we come to Will Smith, a man who made the 4th of July his own 12 years ago with ID4, gave it back with Wild Wild West, and now looks to re-inhabit the vacated premises. I have to admit Hancock caught me completely off guard. I saw the first preview for it only a few weeks ago and was pretty floored by how much fun it looks like. Big Willie has done the special effects thing recently with "I Am Legend" and the fun thing recently with "Hitch" but he hasn't combined his killer sense of humor with eye candy summer splendor in a long while, and I must say, it's a one two punch I'm really looking forward to seeing back where it belongs, 4th of July weekend.

#7 tomorrow, and it will stretch the meaning of the word preview.

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