Friday, December 26, 2008

On the Creative Vado HD...

Meet my Christmas present, the ultraportable Creative Vado HD, the wonderful little camera that makes this Vlog possible.  Well, that and my invaluable insight to the world of pop-culture of course (or was that unvaluable?).


  1. Glad I ran into your review! I've got the original Vado and have loved it and the price was fantasic. BTW, its been on sale for $79.99 plus a bunch of accessories and shipped free. I just ordered the Vado HD and am looking forward to it. PC Magazine just gave it Editors's Choice (it beat the Mino and Kodak) and Creative continues to discount it by $30 as an introductory price.

    Check out the Vado discounts here:

  2. Yep, I was originally going to go with the Mino HD, but Creative really upped the ante with this one. It beats the Mino on price, amount of storage, flexibility and accessories(HDMI cable?!, protective cover?!) My understanding is that the Mino has slightly higher video clarity but that wasn't enough to outweigh the other things for me. And it's working great! Thanks for reading and enjoy your Vado when it arrives.

    That is if you are an actual person and not a marketing plant :)