Thursday, September 3, 2009

21 Hours of TV Fall Preview (Thursday)...

Thursday continues to be the most compelling night of TV. Let's start with NBC who has had me locked into their Thursday night comedy programming since we gathered as a family 25 years ago to watch Cliffy, Claire and the kids lose things in the fridge and invent zrbtts. This year is no exception with "Community" easily looking like the best new comedy of the season. "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" continue to be very funny, and Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update" is one of the most underrated SNL cast members of all time. Add to this the most anticipated new show of the year, "FlashForward", the grand daddy of all Reality TV, "Survivor", and the two best new shows of last season, "Fringe" and "The Mentalist", and Thursday is inching me ever so close to my 21 hour limit with the entire weekend still to come. This is despite me having given up on CSI after the Fish took over for the Grish last year. Not only that but rumor has it there are people who enjoy Grey's Anatomy and Bones as well. Which brings me to my main question, why, in an age of DVRing and Internet downloading, is everything on the same night?! Move some of this stuff to Saturday night for Pete's sake. Pete has a DVR and he will set it and watch it another night when Pete is home, I promise.

The color coded breakdown:

Green = Will be programmed on my DVR
Blue = Not for me, but feel free.
= Move along, nothing to see here.


ABC - FlashForward
CBS - Survivor: Samoa
CW - Vampire Diaries
Fox - Bones
NBC - SNL: Weekend Update Thursday


NBC - Parks and Recreation


ABC - Grey's Anatomy
CW - Supernatural
Fox - Fringe
NBC - The Office


NBC - Community


ABC - Private Practice
CBS - The Mentalist
NBC - (Yes, really, it's even more) Jay Leno

Thursday's Total: Three 1 hour dramas, Four half hour comedies,
one 1 hour reality, 6 hours

Overall Total: 8 hours drama, 2.5 hours comedy, 7 hours Reality, 1 hour Musical = 18.5 hours

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