Wednesday, September 2, 2009

21 Hours of TV Fall Preview (Wednesday)...

Only 2 days in and I'm almost half way to my weekly limit. I may have to do some pruning of the DVR tree after all. Wednesday seems to hold mostly cookie cutter comedies and Crime shows, which results in lots of red on my chart below. There really isn't much of interest for me except for FOX's pairing of the "So You Think You Can Dance" results show and new musical "Glee". I'm on record saying that Glee is lousy TV in every way except the musical numbers, but those musical numbers are soooooo good, that I just can't help wanting to see what the next one will be. It's like golfing, in that you walk around the course chopping holes in the ground and hitting the ball sideways, swearing you will never play again, then just as you are fed up, you nail a sweet 250 drive down the center and feel like it might actually be the greatest game every invented. The only other thing I will be watching midweek (for at least 3 episodes) is the comedy "Modern Family". The buzz is good on it, so I'll drop my anti sit-com bias just long enough to scoff at it a few times. I'll also try to keep my Christian judgometer at bay as the new parents at the right of the picture seem to be setting it off (must.... judge.... homosexuals.... can't.... help.... myself).

The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Hank
CBS - New Adventures of Old Christine
CW - America's Next Top Model
Fox - So You Think You Can Dance
NBC - Mercy


ABC - The Middle
CBS - Gary Unmarried


ABC - Modern Family
CBS - Criminal Minds
CW - The Beautiful Life: TBL
Fox - Glee
NBC - Law & Order: SVU


ABC - Cougar Town


ABC - Eastwick
NBC - (Still) Jay Leno

Wednesday's Total: One half-hour comedy, One 1 hour reality, One 1 hour Musical
2.5 hours

Overall Total: 5 hours drama, .5 hours comedy, 6 hours Reality, 1 hour Musical = 12.5 hours


  1. CSI:Miami was green, but CSI:NY is red? What gives? You should at least make it blue!

  2. Yes. Red. CSI:NY is a dark, dreary, and worst of all tediously boring look at what happens when a concept has had it's day. It was one of my biggest disappointments in that Gary Sinise is brilliant, but the show they put around him was dreadful. Of course I haven't seen it in 3 seasons or so, so it's possible they've changed the tone a bit. But I'll take the fluorescent oranges and greens of Miami over the drab grays of NY any day.