Wednesday, September 18, 2013

21 Hours of TV 2013 Fall TV Preview (Wednesday)

Who knew the hottest moment of the TV week would be Wednesday at 8PM?  Really, its how they should sell DVRS. "Think you don't need a DVR? Well, Wednesday's coming."  OK maybe it's just me, but look at that lineup. "The Middle" is easily the most underrated comedy on TV, Survivor continues to stay great as other reality shows (I'm looking at you Amazing Race) get boring and stale, The X-Factor is the best singing show this side of "The Sing Off", and Revolution is one of the few concept shows that I stuck with last year.  Even CW's "The Arrow" is a fun show that I just don't have time to invest in.  I challenge you to find an hour anywhere else in the week with that much combined quality.

And the rest of the night isn't a slouch either. I'm one who felt "Modern Family" started slipping last season a bit, but it's still the second funniest show on TV and there's no way I'd miss it (I love you Phil, lets stay friends forever, K?) Even the shows I'm not watching show promise.  I enjoyed the pilots of "Super Fun Night" and "Ironside", but I'm not sure how they will fare long term.  And Nashville was a really good show that for whatever reason I found myself bored with after the first 8 episodes or so.  And with only 21 hours to work with boring just ain't going to make the cut.

The Rest of the Week:

Wednesday (BELOW)
The Weekend

MUST:  Modern Family

On to the color coded breakdown of the rest of Wednesday.


ABC - The Middle
CBS - Survivor
CW - Arrow
Fox - The X Factor
NBC - Revolution


ABC - Back in the Game


ABC - Modern Family
CBS - Criminal Minds
CW - The Tomorrow People
NBC - Law & Order: SVU


ABC - Super Fun Night


ABC - Nashville
NBC - Ironside

Wednesday's Total:  One 1 hour Drama, Two half-hour comedies, Three hours reality, 5 hours

Overall Total: 4 hours drama, 2 hours comedy, 7 hours Reality = 13 hours

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