Thursday, September 19, 2013

21 Hours of TV 2013 Fall TV Preview (Thursday)

Last year there were 7 hours of television I had on my list from Thursday night, this year.... 4.

To be honest it's a nice reprieve, the past couple years it's been painful to cut down to 21 and this year I may just come in about right on target thanks to the absolute quality dive NBC Thursday night is taking this year.  Of the four comedies they only kept Parks and Rec (which has quietly earned itself upper echelon comedy status) and then traded the other three (30 Rock, Office, and Up all Night... Yes.. I loved Up All Night) for an ok near miss (Welcome to the Family), a well meaning unfortunate miss (Michael J. Fox Show), and possibly the worst pilot I saw of the whole season, Sean Saves the World.  All in all it's a huge disappointment for the peacock but a major coup for my free time!

Elsewhere on the schedule is some of the most popular stuff that I just don't get.  I won't begrudge you your Big Bang Theory even though I find it unwatchable, but I'm sorry, we have to give up the ghost on Grey's and Two and a Half Men by now, right?  No? OK, go on, do what you're going to do, but I don't want to know about it.

There's also actually a few things worth watching.  I think I'm going to love having Robin Williams back on TV with The Crazy Ones, and I'm as surprised as you that I've turned into an Elementary fan.  Also, at the risk of being insensitive, I'm supremely curious as to how Glee will handle this past year's tragic events on the show.

I was also this close to giving a slot to the new Once Upon a Time spin-off OUAT: Wonderland but I couldn't give into the contradiction of the title.  If your show is called ONCE Upon A Time, you only get one show.  If we can't keep our promises as a society, really what are we?

The Rest of the Week:

Thursday (BELOW)
The Weekend

MUST:  Parks and Recreation

The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
CBS - Big Bang Theory
CW - Vampire Diaries
Fox - X Factor (Results)
NBC - Parks and Recreation


CBS - The Millers
NBC - Welcome to the Family


ABC - Grey's Anatomy
CBS - The Crazy Ones
CW - Reign
Fox - Glee
NBC - Sean Saves the World


CBS - Two and a Half Men
NBC - The Michael J. Fox Show


ABC - Scandal
CBS - Elementary
NBC - Parenthood

Thursday's Total: Two 1 hour dramas, Two half hour comedies, one 1 hour reality, 4 hours

Overall Total: 6 hours drama, 3 hours comedy, 8 hours Reality  = 17 hours

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